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Products & Services

Battery Testing & Replacement:

Let us test your battery and replace it if you need a new one!

Golf Cart Enclosures:

Have a damaged golf cart enclosure? Maybe your looking to upgrade. We have all the enclosures you could need!

Seat Kits & Seat Belts:

We carry a wide array of seat kits & seat belts so you can stay strapped in.

Custom Seats:

Custom seats from soft to firm to just stylish.

Heaters & Fans:

Heaters and fans to keep you golfing no matter the season.

Battery Chargers:

Battery Chargers for your golf car so you do not get stuck!

Windshield Replacements:

Have a damaged windshield? We have replacements for you!

Tires & Wheels Replacements:

We have all your golf car tires and wheels that may need replacements.

Brakes and Steering Maintenance:

Brakes and steering maintenance to make sure you are able to go where you want to.

For more information about our company, or to schedule your own personalized service with us, please call Quality Golf Cars at (843) 705-6655.

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